The Lowdown On… Reading Slumps

I would love to say I've never had to deal with a reading slump, or an utter lack of reading, but that would be a huge lie. Whether it's been thanks to a busy schedule, binge watching on Netflix, or just an absence in motivation we all eventually fall prey to a slump. Oddly enough,... Continue Reading →

June Read

This month was the first in a two month reading challenge, all focused on getting me reading and the challenge back up to speed. While I did okay in comparison to some earlier months this year, it wasn't quite what I had planned, so hoping I can push myself to read a lot more in... Continue Reading →

Books Read in July

I'm a little blown away by how this month of reading went, yes I was on vacation and able to read without interruption, but it tried to end on an ugh moment as I went through two books that ended up being did not finishes.  The saving grace came in the form of the Stalking... Continue Reading →

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo Review

I'm not always the fastest person when it comes to keeping up with new releases, so when this book came out I was one of those surprised readers who had no idea where this came from.  I figured Leigh Bardugo would not be done writing, but didn't see the Grishaverse expanding then, so this book... Continue Reading →

Series I’ve finished In 2018!!

I'm still shocked at how many books and series I've managed to read this year.  Typically, I read around 40 books on average, so nearing the 60 book mark feels extra special, and likely a unique achievement (maybe I might hit 50 next year??).  For now, here's a list of the series/stand alones I've read. ... Continue Reading →

How I Review Books – October

To get this started I want to admit that I am, and probably will always be an easy grader.  I judge a book in the end based on how hooked I was and how much of a book hangover I had.  Now, there are a lot of smaller parts that make up that overall judgement... Continue Reading →

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