Books that Made Me Reassess My Rating Setup

There are a lot of books that I read in a year, and for the most part they are relatively simple to figure out the rating for when I reach the ending. Most books tend to leave you with little doubt on your overall feelings at the end. Occasionally though I come across books that... Continue Reading →

St. Patrick’s Day Book Tag

Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! In terms of beginning of the year holidays, I love the green of St. Patrick's Day perhaps more than Valentine's Day with the red and pink. To celebrate this holiday I figured I would do another book tag, this one by Embuhleeliest. This one is a lot shorter than the... Continue Reading →

January TBR

We are finally in a new year, and I’m excited to start new reading challenges and work on new goals! There are also a number of books that I am looking forward to reading, so this month is the beginning of the fun for sure. How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories by... Continue Reading →

December Wrap-Up

So, December wasn't as reading heavy as I had wanted it to be. Between prepping for Christmas and helping out my family I read really well in the first two weeks, but hit a snag when I started Shiver. This might just be the moment I say Stiefvater and I just don't gel well. Maybe... Continue Reading →

The Lowdown On… Reading Slumps

I would love to say I've never had to deal with a reading slump, or an utter lack of reading, but that would be a huge lie. Whether it's been thanks to a busy schedule, binge watching on Netflix, or just an absence in motivation we all eventually fall prey to a slump. Oddly enough,... Continue Reading →

July Read

When I set off for this month, it was with the goal of meeting a reading challenge, which didn't really go to plan. I still read a lot more than I have been each month this year, but not quite the goal I had set back in June. Over the two months I ended up... Continue Reading →

The 2 Month Reading Challenge

As hinted to in my June TBR, I've been struggling with reading ever since quarantine began and I started working from home. In the beginning I thought I had it all under control, but slowly it's become distracted reading instead of the crazed reading I've known in the past. While I'm working on digging into... Continue Reading →

Duologies to Keep You Reading

One of my favorite types of series are duologies, it's also the one that does not exist in autocorrect, so not my computer's favorite. These mini series are just long enough to go deep into character and world building, but short enough that if you jump on from the beginning it isn't absolute torture waiting.... Continue Reading →

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