Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare {Book Review}

I can't believe we are already on another one of my anticipated reads for the year! When I made that list, I had not idea that three of five books on the list would release on the same date, though I also didn't know that each would be delayed either. I guess in some way,... Continue Reading →

Trilogies Worth Binge Reading

Hello, and welcome to another new series on the blog!  It isn't necessarily the first recommendation post I've ever done, in fact I've done a Trilogies list before, but that was years ago, and with so many books read since then it was definitely worth revisiting.  The only unfortunate thing is that there are a... Continue Reading →

My YA Favorite Character

This is a bit of a different post from what I have been putting out lately, focusing on favorites of mine through my reading versus the typical book review.  Maybe it'll turn into a series with recommendations in the future, but for today it's a post all about my favorite character.  There may be spoilers... Continue Reading →

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