The Lowdown on: Tackling TBRs

TBR’s, otherwise known as ‘to be read’, or that pile of books that only seems to grow, is a common term and worry in the book community. With so many books releasing each year, and hype driving us to the stores in droves it’s hard to imagine a time when the TBR pile didn’t make you wince or panic. I can’t promise this will stop the book buying -though there will be a post later on book buying- but hopefully I can recommend some ways that will help tackle that growing TBR.

So you’ve found yourself faced with a leaning tower of books, and question what the point is? Besides the fact that at some point you decided that each of those books was interesting enough to not only pick up, but buy lets not go the route of cleaning house just yet. As the book community has gotten bigger and easier to talk via the internet, we’ve have tons of break throughs when it comes to tackling that crazy stack of books. My own methods are simple, but maybe the internet can assist us all since this year has gotten a bit book crazy for me too!

One of the first things I’ve started to use to get myself to read the books on my shelves and not at a bookstore are reading challenges.  They come in all shapes, forms, and styles. Whether you want a full weekend of straight, non-stop reading, or like a simple A to Z challenge, these challenges prompt you to find books on your shelves that before were being ignored. Trust me when I say getting a book that fits the X or Z is a challenge in itself. If you aren’t good at pushing yourself solo, there are a lot of groups doing these on instagram and youtube, so find a booktuber or bookstagrammer and it’ll happen eventually!

Another method, and perhaps a harsh one is a book buying ban. These can either go really well or not at all.  It takes will power, toughness, and incentives. Annually I cut myself off from buying books around late November, but that is for the sake of Christmas, otherwise it’s a saving money thing rather than trying to control the tbr.  Like I said, this one can work, but it takes some work, structure, and insane will power, which I don’t really have.  The flip side to this concept is a book shelf cleanup, which I’ve been known to do.  I typically clean shelves during the summer and new year season, it helps keep the craziness down, and show some semblance of control to my family.  It’s not necessarily tbr books I sell, but when it is it’s based on how long the book has sat on the shelves. If you have a book that’s been there for years, and the synopsis doesn’t grab you like you remember it might be a good idea to move on from that book altogether.

The last thing is to just read, I know it sounds like what you always do, but tbr’s happen, and they aren’t always bad. Maybe that row of books is just because you’ve been busy. Keep up the reading, add to your Goodreads challenge, and immerse yourself in your next great read! I’m a mood reader, so sometimes I just have to put aside some books to keep myself going.


What are some methods you follow when tackling a tbr?  How crazy has your tbr ever gotten?  Let me know in the comments below!

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