June TBR

May was a spectacular month, and one I wouldn’t mind repeating in terms of reading.  There were a lot of really good books I got to read and review (some which are going live this month!!!). As of the beginning of this month I am now at 28 books out of 50, so we might be seeing a new goal after this, which is something that gets me super pumped for this year!  To start out June, I’m sticking to a couple of books I know I’ve been looking forward to reading;

-Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson

-Save the Date by Morgan Matson

-The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown (I got sucked into a binge watch of all the Dan Brown movies, and yep I’m hooked)




What are your plans for this month?  What are your summer reading goals as we start the first real full month of summer?  I’m out of school at this point in my life, but summer doesn’t really feel like summer until we hit June.  I hope those of you in school/teaching are having an incredible break, and those of us not, well Summer is still one of those great seasons with all the same potential!  We talking pools, beach, and vacations galore!  Here’s to all the good books coming your way, and here’s to all those readers finding new worlds in the best places!

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