Writer’s Talk: Lords of Steel Part I

Part I: End of an Era

Starting back in early May, I began releasing the first chapters of my first fantasy novel, Lords of Steel, on wattpad.  At this point (almost June?), we are about done with the chapters that comprise the first part of the book, a part which is important to our main character, Edmond Dunham, and also important to me.  This was a part that had me almost in tears writing (I do not cry that much), and made me rethink my initial views of Edmond’s uncle, Thomas (Yes, we writers don’t always control our characters/story), and helped me think about the chapters to come (ominous much?).  There are still chapters to be posted, but part one is almost completely up!!!  If you have yet to read this story, check it out here!  If you want to hear more before clicking, it should be pretty spoiler free still.

I am currently working on part two, with its first chapter (ch. 6) set to release mid-August (set those calendars! 🙂 ) Now, of course, comes the hardest part on wattpad at least; getting them reads, but I think that this book has potential (I might be biased), and I hope it can get into the Watties coming up and actually get close to winning?  I feel like I’m waiting for this ship to sink or sail right now, definitely the hardest part of writing is putting your work out there.  Anyone else ever get that feeling?

So, what to expect come part II?

Well, I guess the first bit would be the actual title of Part II; Changing of the Tides.  It’s a title that took some work to decide on, but I think it covers the near overwhelming reach of part II’s plot (It’s a big part), and covers the character growth that happens in it too.  I hope to release some sneak peeks at this part when we get closer, so keep an eye here as well as on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram for any clues on that.

Still want an idea of what Lords of Steel is?

Lords of Steel is the prequel novel of The Blood Throne Chronicles, a fantasy series I am starting that chronicles the lives of several Dunhams.  For now, it focuses on Edmond Dunham II, who finds himself at the forefront of a civil war that is beginning to take shape in his home country of Aresnia.  He has two choices in his life; remain completely loyal to the crown, a King who by blood is his enemy, or rise up against him, and tear the country in two.  Lords of Steel is the telling of Edmond’s rise to fame, and the beginning to his life-long battle with what is right and wrong, the world not colored in black and white, but a murky gray.

If you don’t have a wattpad account, I definitely recommend it, not only for this book, but for all the free novels that are housed there!  Wattpad is completely free (no gimmick, I promise), and Lords of Steel will be entirely posted there through 2018, and is exclusive to wattpad for now.  Here’s the link again to Lords of Steel; here.



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