Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld review

This book as a hardback is heavy, which is why I had to wait until summer to read it.  It’s like carrying a brick all by itself.  Weight aside though, I loved the look of this book the moment I saw it at the store, and the concept of having two viewpoints; one the author, and the other her main character was amazing to me.
As an aspiring author this idea got me excited, and probably helped me connect to Darcy, who is the author in the story, and starts out with her book, Afterworlds, being accepted by a publishing company for a big sum.  Her character, Lizzie, though has a much darker start, and connects us to a genre that I love (fantasy).  The viewpoints are obviously separated in the book with Darcy’s being pure white, while Lizzie’s are bordered with black.  I won’t go further into analyzing that small detail, well because spoilers, but there was definitely a lot of thought put into each of the book’s many details.
So, I’m going to start the real review with the bad, since I like to end on a good note.  This book was the one of the main causes of my reading slump.  I don’t know why, but between its heaviness and the alternating viewpoints it took a lot longer to read, and a little more willpower to sit down, which is hard when you feel absolutely tired most of the time.  That aside, it just seemed to take a while to build interest, especially when you can’t sit down and read in one sitting.  It’s pretty much like starting the book over every time you come back, which is excruciating.
Now, onto the good.  While Darcy has some really good moments, my favorite character was Lizzie.  All the crap she goes through is out there in terms of what happened, but yet it feels relatable still.  She makes mistakes, and they cost her something each time, which is something that some books lack plot-wise.  I can be pretty bad about that bit myself, having a character commit a dark deed and then walk off scot-free.  It’s sad that can happen in books, but this one didn’t have that, so hoorah!  I won’t go in detail about my favorite part, since it’s the ending, but man that ending.  When Darcy goes on about the ending of the book, there’s this feeling of dread, like Oh, no, what is she going to do to Lizzie.  But when you get there, it all makes sense, and while it isn’t the cliche fairy tale ending, it gives a feeling of something more, which is really all I can ever ask for.
I haven’t read any Scott Westerfeld books before, but this book, while slow has me interested, so it might not be long before I try a few more titles out.  If you have any suggestions on any that are your top favorites, let me know and I’ll check them out.  Hope this helps anyone who was on the border of wanting to read this, or not wanting.  Like I said, I held off until I saw it and decided I loved the cover enough to give it a shot (yes, I am guilty of falling for a pretty cover), so I know how it feels to be stuck on whether I really want to get a book.

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